Humanity is beautifull


Below is an interesting and thought provoking look at the way we look at things.We agree, “Humanity is Beautiful” if we just take a look at it with that mindset. We hope you enjoy

The world is on fire. And it’s humanity’s fault.We should feel ashamed of what we’ve done and who we are. We are an abomination. It’s only a matter of time before we destroy it we are desrve it

I know because I felt this way for much of my life. I was angry and frightened at the state of the world. My story was that humanity had all the means and ability to tackle these problems, but was too selfish and uncaring to do anything about it. Like many others, I saw humanity as a disease infecting the Earth

I no longer carry this story. In fact, now I believe quite the opposite.

But this story of choose to inform how I perceive the world and show up in it. What I believe now more than anything is that humanity is incredible and eminently capable of deep, meaningful change. I am proud to be human. I am in awe of us and all of our accomplishments and capacities. And I believe this wholeheartedly. More importantly, I believe embracing this story is perhaps the single most important thing we can do to build the more just, sustainable, peaceful, prosperous, and free global society we want and need. It is the missing ingredient to transformational social change.

How and why would we try to change if we believe that we are fundamentally ugly, defective, and unworthy? Why would we try to save ourselves if we believe we are a disease?

Just like individuals, humanity as a whole will only overcome its greatest challenges when it believes it is capable and worthy of doing so.But are we truly capable of change?

Of course we are capable of change. Humanity has demonstrated this capacity for creativity and evolution consistently throughout its history. When we were struggling to survive as hunter-gatherers, we invented myth and ritual to create common

There was a time when language didn’t exist. And then we invented it. There was a time when democracy didn’t exist. And then we invented it. There was a time when the concept of human rights didn’t exist. And then we invented it. Today, still, there are countless values, philosophies, technologies, pieces of art of This is humanity’s greatest gift. We are constantly changing. We are constantly imagining new worlds and then moving ourselves toward them. To me, it is incredible, awe-inspiring, and beautiful.

But I believe the first and most important ingredient for any positive change is simply the belief that we are worthy, beautiful, and capable of change. Building a better world is ultimately not a battle between good and evil, left and right, or science and religion. It is a battle inside of each of us, between our two defining capacity is something you can do, right now. You can learn to discern constructive guilt from shame, righteous anger from outrage, and reasonable concern from despair. You can treat humanity as a whole with the compassion you’d treat your most dear loved ones. And you can remember that we are not bound by our past deeds; we are all eminently capable of radically changing ourselves and growing into something new and more beautiful. In fact, humanity has spent millennia demonstrating this ability.

In her 2006 book Mindset: New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck outlines the many benefits of individuals adopting a “growth mindset” (i.e., the belief that we are constantly learning and growing) rather than a “fixed mindset” (i.e., the belief that our competencies are static). When individuals take the growth mindset, they embrace challenges, interpret failure as learning, and see effort — not innate qualities — as the key to success. Dweck’s decades of research as well as a poll of 143 researchers in the field point to one core conclusion: Believing you can change and taking delight in that process is a fundamental factor in human success. If you’re open to growth, you usually do grow.

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Life is a journey like desert And my life is spot line, I like to put a lot of my emotions, experiences, and opinions into what I write.

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Life is a journey like desert And my life is spot line, I like to put a lot of my emotions, experiences, and opinions into what I write.

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